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Skill UP

Skill UP programe at Green Clones solve the skill gap for the young graduates, researchers, teachers, professors etc. We bring, scale and speed to skill development and make them world class competitors to excel in their career.

  • Young graduate, teachers, lecturers, professors, professionals can apply throughout the year.
  • Choose the approach that works best for you - live virtual, on-campus, at our laboratory.
  • Custom programs available as per the requirement.
  • Experiential learning that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application.
  • Skills development in a professional atmosphere.

  • Young graduate can attain skill and confidence for competative environment
  • Teachers can impart skills attained, to the students
  • Skills attained can be tranformed to entrepreneurial ventures

Dissertation/Project Work

Applications invited throughout the year from candidates pursuing B.Sc., B.Tech., B. Pharm., M.Sc., M.Tech., M. Pharm., M.Phil. in Life Sciences stream, to undertake research training (dissertation and project work) towards partial fulfilment of their academic degree
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Green Clones is committed in educating the scientific community through professional training, led by our team of experts. We come to you via,

  • Live Virtual Training/Workshop
  • Onsite Training/Workshop
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At Green clones, students get the opportunity to gain valuable real-world experience, specific field-related exposure and make important connections for the future

Short Term Course

Green Clones conducts short term certificate course in multi-disciplinary areas of life science

Science Orientation

Science orientation for school students is a distinctive model that allows students who are science enthusiasts to connect with the future research and to enhance their interest in expanding field of science
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Science Camp

Green clones targets to treasure hunt and nurture the invisible talents of our budding scientific community for a better tomorrow through camps

Seminar/ Symposium/ Conference

Green Clones provides vital platform to discuss and share the scientific knowledge, experience, success stories and innovations in science
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