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Whats We Make



Varieties: Rio-de-genero, maran

  • Quality-assured
  • Disease-free plantlet
  • Reduced cost for plantlet
  • Availability of plantlet througout the year


Varieties: Nendran, Poovan, Nyali, Rasakathali, Robusta
  • True to the type of mother plant (disease free high yielding varieties).
  • Virus indexed disease-free planting materials
  • Hardened and ready for sales.
  • Uniform growth, high yield.
  • Early maturity and harvesting of superior fruit bunches.
  • Round the year availability of the planting materials

Ornamental Plants

  • Orchids - Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, Vanda, Mokara
  • Anthurium - red , orange, pink
  • Foliage plants - Aglaonema
  • Indoor plants, Succulent plants

Medicinal Plants

  • Plumbago sp.
  • Tylophora sp.
  • Plectranthus sp.
  • Micropropagation of plants of your choice


  • Grafted fruit plantlets nurtured and grown under the guidance of our expert horticulturists.
  • Local variety Nutmeg

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