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Plant Science

Green Clones offer scientific and technical consultancies services to individuals and organizations including schools, colleges, universities and research institutes, apart from that outreach organizations, such as museums, science centers, etc. We offer a wide range of consultancy services,

  • Plant collection
  • Plant identification
  • Herbarium preparation and digitilisation
  • Plant anatomy, cytology, permanent slide preparation
  • Image analysis & Karyotyping
  • Budding, Layering, Grafting
  • Dissertation, Training, Workshop, Internship, Seminar, Symposium

Academic Writing

Green clones provides complete research supportive services including proposal writing, technical consultancy, experimental designing, implementation, result analysis, report scripting and publication
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Green Clones with well-equipped laboratory facilities and expertise deliver indepth, accurate and precise reports on services for the students, researchers, scientists, faculties, professionals from various lifescience streams
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Green Clones offers bioinformatics services to support students, researchers, professionals, academicians, scientists from colleges, university, research institutes, life science companies
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Patent Service

Our expert are ready to provide assistance that will help you and your organization on IP generation, protection, enforcement and monetization
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At Green Clones, we have a team of excellent scientists with expertise interdisciplinary areas and always available for consultation. we support the scientific community for their research needs at competitive charges while providing top quality service
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