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Theme Gardens

Our garden designers fits plants into particular theme, based on a specific concept or idea for individuals and organisation according to their demand and requirement.

    Herbal Gardens
  • Create and maintain medicinal and aromatic plant garden at schools/ colleges/ university/ other recognised institutions premises as per the NAAC specification of existing herbal gardens
  • Creating and Maintenance herbal garden for individuals or organisations
  • Herbal gardens create awareness about traditional usage of plants to help in conserving Rare, Endangered and Threatened species of medicinal plants
  • Edible Gardens
  • Garden with edible flowers, berries, fruits and vegetables at your premises.
  • Butterfly Gardens
  • We create garden that protects the butterflies by growing plants that caterpillars and adult butterflies feed on and promotes a healthy green landscape.
  • Apothecary Gardens
  • We create garden filled with plants that are known for their medicinal powers.
  • Custom Gardens
  • Our garden designers create garden based on the land, soil, climate, tradition, culture etc.
  • We offer technical support for construction and maintenances of polyhouse, shade house, mist house
  • Scientific and technical support for hi-tech agriculture

Analytical Services

We offer our exceptional expertise and facilities to individuals, government and non-government institutions, industries, NGOs.
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Laboratory Installation

Green clones offers consultancy services to institutions/individuals requiring assistance for designing and setting up laboratories, its quality implementation, technical support for management and technology transfer.
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Custom Tissue Culture

With years of hands-on experience, Green clones provide custom plant tissue culture service with optimized protocols.
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Horticulture Service

Our experts in horticulture produce economically important plants/trees as per the requirement and provide quality service in grafting/ budding/ layering etc.
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