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Green Belt Development

  • Green clones help the industries in designing, setting and developing greenbelt in their premises.
  • With increasing concern for environment, and to mitigate atmospheric pollution caused by industries in particular, green belts are often recommended as an environment management strategy.
  • Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India and Pollution Control Board has directed the industries to develop green belts.
  • Our technical expertise offer effective and economical greenbelt development and maintenance with native plant species that efficiently absorb pollutant gases sulphur and nitrogen oxides, fluorides, ammonia, chlorides, ozone, etc.
  • Green Clones make your campus green and diverse to meet the regulations and standards as per the requirements of various government agencies.

Analytical Services

We offer our exceptional expertise and facilities to individuals, government and non-government institutions, industries, NGOs.
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Laboratory Installation

Green clones offers consultancy services to institutions/individuals requiring assistance for designing and setting up laboratories, its quality implementation, technical support for management and technology transfer.
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Custom Tissue Culture

With years of hands-on experience, Green clones provide custom plant tissue culture service with optimized protocols.
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Horticulture Service

Our experts in horticulture produce economically important plants/trees as per the requirement and provide quality service in grafting/ budding/ layering etc.
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